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The Association

Pink Project Association was born in Capo d’Orlando in 2008 June 13th, following the law 383 (2000), 3 (2012) from Sicilian Region- Rules for contrast and prevention against gender violence- and Regional Law (2003), Rules for family’s protection and development. We are a social promotion institution.

We work since 2008, with public and private partners, trying to counter violence, especially towards women and any type of discrimination.

We work with Presidency of Ministers Council and National Working Group support with the “National Action Plan against Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance” 2013-2015.

Since 2011, the Institution adheres to Messina’s network for prevention and fight against discriminations with an information desk UNAR.

Pink Project is registered in the regional list for these different sectors: assistance, environment, artistic and cultural heritage, cultural promotion and education.

The Institution is working with many activities as listening, support, processing, towards people who are living in uncomfortable physical, social, personal or economic situations. The desk is open for all citizens who need it and we deal with all topics related to the right to equal opportunities.