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Anti-violence center

Our anti-violence center gives advice and help to women and their children . We try to support violence victims and to protect rights, empowerment to have a free, independent life, to find their own esteem.

Inside the center, women and children can receive a specific support to accept traumatic experiences they lived, to find by themselves the tools to stop violence and recapture their own esteem, to have a new single life.

The center is very active with prevention, information, to fight against gender violence. It becomes a place to strengthen women rights, to protect the physical, emotional mistreatment victims, mobbing and stalking too, both in an emergency situation that to start an assistance route to escape from a context of violence.

Our professional team assures immediate assistance, without any sex, racial, age or religious discrimination. We collaborate with a local and regional network.

Anti-violence Center gives FREE help to women and minors. Our team includes professionals, volunteers, schools, local societies and Charity Institutions.

We work together to:

  • LISTEN women who need to tell their story, to receive information;




  • ACT.

We offer other services as  the help phone line all day and night ; the number is 0941/054182, for an appointment or emergency.

We give educational, pedagogical, civil and linguistic cultural mediation assistance.

You can have hospitality in our center, formation and information counsulence.

We do campain sensibilities.

Our principles are:

  • Self determination, women are the only protagonists ;

  • We believe in women experience;

  • Empowerment;

  • Security;

  • Responsibility is only to who commits violence;

  • Privacy for women.

Center is open for all citizens. All our services are free.