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Families and Disabilities

Disability means impairment, an accidental fact which affects physical, mind, senses.

According to United Nations Convention, approved on December 13th 2007, for disabled people rights, “disability” is not  only an individual condition but  it’s also a social, environmental and cultural context so disability doesn’t mean anymore addiction.

All human beings can live it in their life and have to act everyday with others citizens. Barriers are behaviors, ways of thinking, prejudices , obstacles created by society who can forget that some people move with wheelchairs or guide dogs, communicate without voice.

Pink Project makes possible interaction between disabled people and others, working with a social solidarity spirit and offers its help against solitude and marginalization.

The European strategy on disabilities (2010-2020).

Improve social inclusion, welfare and disabled rights:

  • people can have access to goods and services, transports, information and communication  technologies, sports and cultural activities;
  • travel in all European countries with European citizenship;
  • ensure hospital care, benefit from special residences;
  • disabled people can have a regular job everywhere;
  • students can dispose of special learning programs if they need;

For all this, Europe has to arrange databases, to develop funding, to carry out  United Nations Convention  and member States in the European Institutions.