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OMS, World Health Organization in 1948 gave a concept to “health”:

“Health is a complete state of physical, psychological and social welfare and not only without disease or infirmity.”

In 1966 A. Seppilli told that: “Health means a completely balance between physical and psychological person in its own natural and social environment”.

Antonovsky, in 1979, with his personal health concept, argues that  health is a property of living system, it’s not perfect and its inevitable process is death.

OMS takes theses examples to give another meaning (1984 Ottawa list): “Health is a  branch of application of  the own skills, or group skills, able to change or live with the environment. So health is real resource in our daily life, and not our life purpose. It is a positive concept for our personal, social and physical life.

Health goes beyond life style to aim at welfare.

Health promotion becomes fundamental objective for Pink Project Association through prevention, some projects, to help vulnerable people and their families, with our volunteers, our partners, public and private bodies.

We take care about minors, disabled, seniors, addicted to alcohol and drugs, who needs or lives in a racism o discrimination situation and we try to educate the population.