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The home reception

The Home Reception is a residence with a secret address for a temporary  accommodation  to protect women and children violence victims who need to get away from their habitual residence.

So, it’s a place to receive and protect people who  suffer mistreatment, physical, psychological, in an emergency situation and / or prevention situation.

It’s an immediate start step to ensure security, assistance; access and stay inside the home is FREE for all victims, without any sex, race, religious or other discrimination.

Almost our professional team is composed of women, ready to give tools to find again the personal, social and working autonomy.

All the activities are supported by learned volunteers.

Generally the path to exit from violence is divided in four interventions:

  • reconstruct  the personal story trough the lady telling;

  • to help women to process lived experience, to trust themselves, to find again their planning abilities, economic and personal independence.

We can give:

  • hospitality, cultural and linguistic mediation, legal advice, psychological help;
  • all that childhood needs;
  • social and health assistance.

If women ask it, we offer public and private services, respecting their own sexual, cultural identity.


  • We have group activities with a professional team;

  • Inclusion in work places;

  • Daily activities are self-managed, with our guests agreements;


Our Home Reception is working together anti-violence centers, Regional network.

We can receive 8 women with their children who can come through local social desks, police, or others.

Rates of staying are connected with an exit path from violence and a new project for the own life.

Hospitality is guaranteed 24 hours a day in emergency situations.

You can contact us: 0941/054182.